Smilinb Coach A Black Bikini

Smilinb Coach A Black Bikini
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Physical change takes time!

61 days out from WBFF Worlds show, and today my thoughts were on seeing physical changes from show to show. I really have completely changed up my workouts and without changing my diet much, I am already seeing some positive changes in my shape. Now that I will really be pulling my nutrition together, I am so excited to see what's waiting for me underneath my extra carbs and water weight!
I was thinking it is so funny that I usually don't know what I look like for a show until the show pics come back to me AFTER a show. I don't want to bother people to take back pics of me and I feel like a ham posing in front of a mirror- although it is necessary for my weekly check-in with my Savage Coach, Jen Luz DiCandia. I should be used to it by now- you would think!
I decided to hit up some of my past show pics- especial my back/glute pics to see the progress since my first show. Being able to see real changes from show to show motivates me to push and keep working as hard as I can to continue the progress I've made. I haven't always been great at documenting my journey through every show, and they have all been so different! At least the pictures are always there and are a reminder that change takes time. BUT- the change does come! Keeping the end goal in mind at all times and staying focused on your "why" will get you there!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

70 Days 'til Show Time

WBFF Worlds will be here before I know it! August 25 is only 70 days away, so I have to structure my workout plan and follow it to a T in order to make the improvements I want to physically before hitting the stage again. I have a very limited amount of time to make muscle gains where I need to while I am able to add more food into my diet, then I need to get really shredded and do a lot more conditioning workouts so that I can show up with improved lines on stage. No one wants to show up looking exactly the same from one show to the next- even when you do well! The great thing about this sport is that there is always room for improvement and there is no such thing as perfection. If you ask World champs if they feel like they need to work on anything, you can bet your sweet bippy, they have something they want to improve!