Smilinb Coach A Black Bikini

Smilinb Coach A Black Bikini
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Giving up control

One of the hardest things I have learned about training for figure and working with a diet coach is giving up control.  I like to be in control, who doesn't!  However, when it comes to dieting for shows, I still feel to green to go it alone.  I worked with a few different coaches and I really believe that any program will work.  No, they don't all work the same!  You may get better results working with one program or another, but if you really put a full effort in to do what your program tells you to do, you will see results.  The hardest part of following a program for me has always been giving up control!  So many new competitors, like myself, pay coaches to help "peak" them for a show.  We turn to veterans and diet experts to tweak our diets as needed to get the most out of our workouts and reach the goals we are aiming for.  However, we all question the programs given to us and what we are asked to do constantly!

We are all such snow flakes with individual needs!  We worry when we plateau (which is totally normal BTW) that the program is not working.  Worry worry worry!  I always hit a point in my training when I stop all of the fuss.  I actually let the fight out of my system and kind of let go of that stress.  It seems like the minute I do, everything comes together.  I have to trust the people around me I have helping coach me to know what they are doing!  Once I give up this control during my training season, I gain HUGE results!  Can you imagine, as a competitor, not worrying about your diet????  Try it!  All you have to do is give up your need to control everything!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

One of my biggest reasons to start competing was to do something I have though about doing since college but have always put it off.  Every year, I piled up excuse after excuse and put it off.  There really isn't ANY valid excuse!  Lack of time is just poor planning- not an excuse.  I have seen and met some competitors with MUCH greater obstacles than myself to overcome and they achieve some trully amazing things!  It is is so gratifying to look in the mirror everyday and know that I am in the process of accomplishing my goals and making myself a better version of myself everyday, physically and otherwise.  There is no reason not to start the exact moment you set your mind to change something about yourself.  Once you recognize that you are not happy with someting- start changing it!  Complaining and excuses will get you absolutely no where!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kristin Dagilis

Kristin Dagilis

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There's no whining in figure!

When I first started training for this sport, I'm not going to lie- I am sure I complained a little bit here and there, not so much about the physical part of exercising ALL of the time, mostly about the dieting.  It is not easy, especially when you first start.  Nothing worth doing is easy.  I was so determined to make a change.  I wanted to change not only physically, but mentally change the way I saw myself and treated myself on a daily basis. 
This brings me to my little thought of the day.  I have noticed this time through, I am whining a heck of a lot less than when I first began.  I am respecting my body and all of the changes it goes through when I prepare for a show and I respect the speed that it wants to go.  We all love instant gratification and whine like babies when we don't have what we want RIGHT NOW!  But, it feels really great to actually enjoy this whole process now.  I almost have to laugh when I hear other competitors chomping at the bit to binge after a show and all of the madness that goes through their heads up until.  The airbrush tanning line is full of whiners, but I won't be one of them this year :)
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Monday, February 7, 2011


So being a fairly new figure competitor, I am learning everyday how to put myself out there and be available for opportunities that come around.  Right now, I am doing the Status fitness Model search contest for the month of February.  I have NEVER entered anything like this before, and I really don't know what to expect if anything out of it.  So far, I have had some new people find me and friend me on facebook or add themselves tomy NEW fan page.  I knew I wouldn't have enough of a following yet to get into the finals without the judges hand picking me (another long shot), but the point is EXPOSURE.  More people have seen my face and have read a little bio about me.  When I start to compete this year, maybe my name and face will look a little more familiar to people therefore increasing opportunities to come my way. 

I have been posting and asking people to vote for me on a daily basis to see what kind of help I can get.  I don't feel weird about it because IF YOU DONT ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT, NO ONE IS GOING TO HAND IT TO YOU. I have always been a bit shy and competing and puting myself out there is helping me get over it in a hurry.  You need to be accessible and open- so here I am :)

Hope you are all having a fabulous day, and will take the time to go to Status Fitness magazine and vote for me 5 times today, and 5 times a day for the rest of the month when you think of it- it takes 2 minutes to register and vote.

Thanks again to those of you who believe in me and support my journey through the sport of figure!