Smilinb Coach A Black Bikini

Smilinb Coach A Black Bikini
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Reflection 2 weeks until show time!

After taking the last year off from shows due to adrenal fatigue and a messed up thyroid, I am so excited that I am able to get on stage again in less than 2 weeks! I am blessed that my body was able to heal through the collaboration of my Savage coach, my Holistic practitioner, my family, and my own determination!
It's been three years this June that I first started competing, and I don't blame just overtraining and misguided choices in my first few shows with undereducated coaches. I wasn't listening to my body or respecting my body- but this is how we learn right?
Before being part of the Cathy Savage Team, I worked with a couple of different coaches to help me prepare for my first few shows. They had me overtraining- doing cardio up to 3 times a day, not resting enough, and taking what they called "natural fat burners." Natural by what standard?! Just because there is a picture of it in a magazine with a figure pro holding the bottle, or it isn't something that the organizations drug test for doesn't mean that it isn't a cocktail for disaster! I would crash so hard after those shows and was told it was normal. Normal to feel like you had to sleep for 15 hours a day, feel like you had just come off of anesthesia for 2 weeks, and put on half the weight you worked so hard to loose. GROSS!
Once I switched to Team Savage, I was so happy to find that I didn't need to put my body through that to get on stage and win shows! But, I was still dealing with another beast- ME. I was so used to overtraining and not resting that even though I wasn't taking stimulants, I was still overdoing it in the gym which forced to me off the stage for a year. I tried to train for a show last November and my body said "HELL NO!"
This drove me to find a natural way to heal myself and inspired me to finally become a certified personal trainer. I knew that I would eventually want to get certified so that I could 1: Learn more about what I love to do so much and 2: help others achieve their health goals and do it the RIGHT way! So I used my down time to my advantage:)
This will be the first show that I have trained for completely free of any stimulating supplements and without overtraining. My body finally feels like it is working on its own to peak and I feel amazing! I'm not scared of a post show crash this time around, and I am looking forward to maintaining the balance this year of healing has brought into my training.
Regardless of the outcome on stage, I feel like I have already won. I have overcome some major obstacles and the possibility I might not be able to compete again. The show is my trophy- my moment to appreciate and be thankful that I am able to be there!

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