Smilinb Coach A Black Bikini

Smilinb Coach A Black Bikini
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

There's no whining in figure!

When I first started training for this sport, I'm not going to lie- I am sure I complained a little bit here and there, not so much about the physical part of exercising ALL of the time, mostly about the dieting.  It is not easy, especially when you first start.  Nothing worth doing is easy.  I was so determined to make a change.  I wanted to change not only physically, but mentally change the way I saw myself and treated myself on a daily basis. 
This brings me to my little thought of the day.  I have noticed this time through, I am whining a heck of a lot less than when I first began.  I am respecting my body and all of the changes it goes through when I prepare for a show and I respect the speed that it wants to go.  We all love instant gratification and whine like babies when we don't have what we want RIGHT NOW!  But, it feels really great to actually enjoy this whole process now.  I almost have to laugh when I hear other competitors chomping at the bit to binge after a show and all of the madness that goes through their heads up until.  The airbrush tanning line is full of whiners, but I won't be one of them this year :)
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